EXCLUSIVE – Theme Park Worldwide’s Lee Wood on Shawn, Bromances & More!

“I think all the vlogs have been great ones and I’ve loved being part of them”‘

Lee Wood is known for staring in many of the Theme Park Worldwide vlogs.  Lee has traveled across the globe experiencing some of the World’s best theme parks and rollercoasters. We talk with Lee about the early days of Theme Park Worldwide, his bromance with fellow vlog star John, and talk all things merch!

How did you first get involved with Theme Park Worldwide and how did you meet Shawn?

Well, basically it all started back in 2010 when I was a member on the TowersTimes Forum. TowersTimes put a post up in early 2010 about a trip to Orlando in September. At that time I didn’t really know to many enthusiasts so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to meet new enthusiasts and go to Orlando and ride some coasters. After expressing an interest I started speaking to Mr Adidas (aka Dean Johnson) and he said it would be a good idea if I came to some of the TowersTimes events and meet some of the group that were looking at going to Orlando. I came to there events that year and through doing that I met Dean and from there we became mates. I then met Steve and Dave (aka Bristol bears) through Dean and became mates with them both. Then they knew people and I met them and became mates with them also. Basically everyone knew someone from the group that we have now. Through meeting friends of friends I then met Shawn and became mates with him and now we are all the best of friends. I knew about Shawn’s old videos he use to do and knew that he wanted to grow his theme park channel. We would go to theme parks and he’d be filming vlogs for his channel which I thought was a great idea. From there we’d visit more parks and he would film more vlogs 🙂 So from there over time his channel has become very popular and we’ve visited lots of different parks across the globe and have lots of videos on YouTube. Now the channel is so very successful and the future is looking great for TPW. I’ve been apart of his channel now for nearly six years now and I’m absolutely loving it. We have the most amazing times, visit so many amazing parks, have such a laugh and have so much fun making the videos

So to sum it all up, the whole process started through me meeting Dean Johnson.

Tell us about your bromance with John?

I’d met John a couple of times before we went to California last year so didn’t really know him that well but we knew that we were going to be good friends after a few more catch ups. Once we met for our trip to California our friendship became a lot stronger. I spent a lot of time with John during the trip and we just really hit it of. We had a great laugh together and got on so well. After our trip to California the comedy duo was born and now we are the best of friends and have so much fun together

What has been your favourite TPW vlog/trip so far?

That’s a difficult question to answer as there’s been so many amazing adventures. I’ve always said that our Oakwood vlogs have been the best ones of the year but to be fair I think all the vlogs have been great ones and I’ve loved being part of them. Pleasure Island vlog will stand out the most though as that was the day we reached 50,000 subscribers. Massive highlight for the channel. That whole day was an incredibly fun one. We had so much fun at Pleasure Island that day. Then we found out we’d hit 50,000 subscribers and then we celebrated by riding the very unique coaster the Little Dipper on the beach 🙂 Favourite trips have to be all of them. They’ve all been amazing trips. Never had a bad trip. PA, Phantasialand, Europa Park, Liseberg and all the American parks have been incredible. I’m looking forward to visiting lots of new parks in the future

Favourite theme park and favourite ride?

Favourite theme park is Europa Park. The reason for this is because it simply is a stunning park that has everything a great park needs. It has awesome rides, amazing shows, great restaurants, great bars, beautiful theming, awesome themed country’s, an amazing atmosphere and has the most amazing hotels. Favourite ride is Shambhala at PortAventura. Simply a stunning ride that offers the most absolutely crazy airtime on any coaster

What is your most precious item of theme park merch?

Most precious piece of theme park merch would defo have to be my coaster wheel from the Big One

I also love all my limited edition merch that I have from special park events.

Thanks for your time Lee and keep up the great work with the vlogs!

Image used with permission from Lee Wood

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