EXCLUSIVE – Dean Johnson on what’s next after Theme Park Worldwide

It’s time again for another ‘In Conversation With…’. This time we’re talking to Dean Johnson. Dean is well known from his time on YouTube channel Theme Park Worldwide, although recently he sadly left. He is also the owner of a lifetime Merlin Annual Pass — quite an achievement!

We are all aware of your recent departure from Theme Park Worldwide. Can you talk a little bit about your time with TPW and highlights and lowlights?

I started appearing in the TPW vlogs around 2 years ago, and during that time I have visited a few new Theme Parks, and also ridden some new coasters during this time. My main highlights for me and I’m sure everyone else will agree, were the little things I either created or did in the vlogs to keep them entertaining. One that went down well was “I WANT YOU TO STOP SCREAMING” from Drayton Manor’s Pandemonium. Another top favourite was #DancingDean, this has also been well received. The only lowlight is these little things won’t exist anymore, which is a shame for the loyal fans of the channel.

For all parties involved this is definitely the correct decision going forward, due to numerous reasons a lot of assumption and rumours have gone flying around the internet to what actually happened. Due to this reason a very brief explanation has been made available to read at

What’s next for Dean? His own blog? His own YouTube channel?

Business as usual. I’ll be tweeting things on Twitter @dean8001, I’ll be doing a few things on my site which is but other than this I can’t see myself starting my own YouTube channel. Personally I want to visit the parks and enjoy them, and not have to worry about filming this or filming that. If there are any other channels who would like my services, please feel free to drop me an email evening[at] As i’m sure my fans would love to see me featured on another YouTube channel at some point in the future. I’ll still be making use of my Merlin Lifetime Pass (competition I won back in 2007) just as I did before, even if this means visiting by myself. If you spot me please say hello, I won’t bite.

Are you still in contact with some of the TPW guys?

I guess I’ll see Shawn on my visits to Alton Towers, and I’m sure I will see Mr Lee Wood occasionally away from Theme Parks.

What’s you’re favourite coaster and theme park?

Quick and to the point with this one. Helix at Liseberg and favourite Theme Park goes to Liseberg. Looking forward to their two new additions in 2017 & 2018.

What are your thoughts on both the new woodie at Alton Towers and the Mack coaster at BPB?

I hate most wooden coasters so I don’t really have many thoughts on them until I ride. On the other hand I’m really excited for the Mack Megacoaster at Pleasure Beach, I just hope we get a similar game system to what Helix has in it’s queue line.

How many adidas shirts do you own?

Too many to count, but if you’re talking about the ones I normally wear then it’s ten.

Favourite item of theme Park merchandise?

Oblivion deodorants spring to mind

What’s your thoughts on CoasterCrate?

CoasterCrate is a very novel way of collecting your Theme Park merchandise. I do really like the concept behind it, the branding and just the way it’s been set up. Credit to the team behind it.

Thanks Dean, we hope we see you back on YouTube sometime soon!

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