Remembering CoasterCrate Box Zero

September 2017 is CoasterCrate’s first anniversary! Throughout September we’ll be looking back at our achievements so far as well as looking forward to our future with live coverage of our Florida trip and lots of new merch too!

Box Zero was CoasterCrate’s first crate full of theme park merch. Pre-orders opened 31st October 2016 and quickly sold out following the announcement that CoasterCrate would be partnering with Europa-Park for the crate. The box was sent out to 50 lucky customers in December 2016, packed full of amazing merch! Here’s a look at the contents…


Wodan Wooden Block

During our research of which items of park merchandise to include in our first box, one item instantly caught our eye. What better way to start our rollercoaster subscription box than with an actual piece of rollercoaster? Individually numbered and engraved with the Wodan and Europa Park logos, each piece of wood comes from an offcut of the exciting wooden rollercoaster itself. A true collectors item that has unsurprisingly proven the firm favourite piece of merch in Box Zero!

Coastality VR Headset
When we approached Europa Park about a partnership with CoasterCrate, their team were keen to bring our customers their innovative new VR product, designed to bring Europa’s coasters and VR experiences to live in your own home. Like Google Cardboard headsets, Coastality works by placing your existing smartphone inside the headset. The Coastality app on iOS and Android contains several immersive VR experiences and Europa Park will be adding more in future too.

Euromaus Plush, Character Figure and Happy Family Badge
Both ourselves and Europa Park were keen to bring you as many pieces of merch as possible! These smaller items serve as a great introduction to the various Europa Park characters


A popular German park featuring rides based on popular movies and characters, Movie Park Germany were keen to partner with CoasterCrate and kindly provided a Spongebob Squarepants pencil, English park map and teaser material for their 2017 Star Trek ride


CoasterCrate and Box Zero offered a great opportunity to give coaster fans one last chance to get their hands on a Lightwater Valley 2016 park map


Every month CoasterCrate included a limited edition 100% cotton screen printed T-Shirt based on rollercoasters and theme parks. Our Box Zero design came with our limited edition Box Zero logo printed on the inside and an eye-catching design on the front, listing classic rollercoaster track elements, to wear with pride in the parks.

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