Alton Towers Respond To People SCARED Of Wicker Man Catching Fire!

Apparently mixing wood and fire might cause issues…

Alton Towers have released a video clarifying riders on the new for 2018 rollercoaster ‘Wicker Man‘ wont be at risk of being set on fire.

The video comes a day after Alton Towers proudly announced the ride would be the world’s first to fuse fire and wood, something that concerned some given Alton Towers‘ recent safety record of multiple fires on the Skyride and the infamous crash involving The Smiler in 2015.

Alton Towers Resort on Twitter

Steve Woods, Health & Safety Director at Alton Towers Resort, explains how we’ve approached safety on #wickermanride Read more:

In the video, Alton Towers noted that most of the fire effects on the £16 million ride will actually be an illusion and not real, so there would be no danger to guests.

Before this important clarification was made, a number of Twitter users naturally assumed the mixing fire and a large wooden structure together wouldn’t end well…

Linsey Hinton Landy on Twitter

So the new ride at #AltonTowers called #WickerMan is going to be a wooden rollercoaster with fire involved, I just don’t like the sound of that combination. ??#Altontowers #ride #Rollercoaster #fire #wooden #fairground #fair #wickermanride #safe #SafetyFirst #safety xx

Dean on Twitter

So it’s out #WICKERMANRIDE which fuses fire & wood together! Great combo there… ??

???????. on Twitter

¿ Fire and..wood ???¿? Can’t see anything going wrong with that ?. Not in any kind of mood, ever, to be burned alive ???. #WickerManRide

Marc Decker on Twitter

@altontowers 1st reviews of #wickermanride at @altontowers have surfaced!

Forest Morgan on Twitter

Given the shit our park has gotten into, I need you guys to think of a really unique but safe attraction. Safety being crucial. #wickermanride

Before all this fire based confusion, Alton Towers also noted high levels of safety precautions involved with the ride including ‘the latest in proven safety technology’ and ‘over 100 hours of training’ per operator.

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