5 Reasons Why You HAVE to Ride Karacho at Tripsdrill

Last week we visited Tripsdrill. The oldest theme park in Germany was both quaint and well maintained and we found ourselves really enjoying the rural traditional German charm of the place.

But ultimately we were there for the rides and the park’s newest coaster, a launched Gerstlauer called ‘Karacho’ was easily the highlight of our entire trip! After five rides during our visit, here’s five reasons why we encourage you to head over to Tripsdrill to ride it:

1. The Theming

Small parks like Tripsdrill aren’t known for their elaborate theming. Whilst the rest of the park keeps to an overall rustic German theme, the grand 1800s time machine inventor theme of Karacho and the nearby buildings and landscaping is actually so elaborate for the park it was only themed a year after it opened when the budget became available! The amazing ‘flying machine’ trains thankfully were available from day one though…

2. The Indoor Section

Karacho opened a couple of months after The Smiler but shares a very similar indoor section to it’s 2013 Gersaulter counterpart, with an indoor drop and barrel roll greeting riders before the main section gets underway. An elaborate mechanical ‘invention’, exciting lighting and an on-ride photo that genuinely takes you by surprise definitely give Karacho the edge!

3. The Launch

0–100kph in just 1.6 seconds is breathtaking on any launched coaster, however the LIM (linear induction motor) system used on Karacho (rather than the chain launch system used on the UK Intamin Accelerator coasters such as Rita or Stealth) makes the launch notably more efficient and smoother than other launched coasters I’ve ridden and sets things up perfectly for the ride to come…

4. The Inversions

I could say a lot about the outdoor section of Karacho, like how unusally pleasant and flowing the quieter section in the middle is and how effective the mini top hat after the launch is at giving you a very decent chunk of airtime, but it’s the two dive loops that really work. The latter one sends you down through a brief tunnel full of smoke and builds speed and G-force amazingly well!

5. The Restraint

An indoor barrel roll, launch to 100kph and a fast and twisting outdoor section. The thing holding you down in place throughout? Just a lap restraint. Similar to the restraint found on Silver Star at Europa-Park, you’re tightly locked in at the lap but your upper body is left free to really enjoy the air time of the top hat section and feel like it’s going to fall out during the final corkscrew section!

Overall, Karacho is an amazing coaster and was an extremely pleasant surprise on our visit to Tripsdrill. If you can head out there (it’s approximately 2 hours drive from Europa-Park) then we highly recommend a visit.

We’ll be posting much more from our trips to Tripsdrill and Europa-Park over the coming weeks so stay tuned!

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