5 non-coasters at Europa-Park we can’t wait to ride

Of course, Europa-Park is well known for its solid line-up of coasters, including Silver Star, Wodan and Blue Fire, so in this preview of our visit let’s focus on some of the non-coaster attractions we can’t wait to ride…


Europa-Park combines stunning rides and landscaping whilst being in the middle of picturesque German countryside. A 75 meter trip in this glass tower seems like the perfect way to take in the scenery and plan what to do next!

Fjord Rafting

Anyone who went to Alton Towers will know what river rapids boats are SUPPOSED to look like, with 6 proper individual black seats instead of the cramped plastic benches we’re currently made to endure. Europa-Park’s rapids were built in 1991 but still thankfully retain this original boat design as well as plenty of waterfalls to try and avoid!

Tower Tow

What if you could combine a workout and a theme park ride in one? In the Ireland children’s section of the park, Tower Tow is open to adults too. It’s a 9m tall tower ride with a difference: you have to pull yourself up to the top using a rope. If you manage the task, a relaxing ride back down to the bottom is your reward.

Dancing Dinghie

Yes, yes we know it’s a Rockin’ Tug and there’s millions of them worldwide, but you do have to admire the theming that Europa-Park put into this new ride for their Ireland area. Housed in it’s own richly themed building (looking at you Thorpe Park) and apparently packing a decent punch, we’re looking forward to giving this a spin. An impressive 5 star rating on Google can’t be wrong surely?


Whilst not officially opening until June, Europa’s own flying theatre is currently going through testing. We’re keeping our fingers crossed there might be some soft openings during our time at the park! If you’re excited for Voletarium, why not read our exclusive interview with Europa-Park for all the info.

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